Dr. Wang will work with your unique & individual needs to develop tailored and customized interventions using the art of knowledge- bespoke combinations of regenerative injections, Integrative Medicine, fascial layer specific hydromanipulation, diagnostic fascial sequencing approach using point-of-care ultrasonography and fascial glide and layer-specific palpatory verification, fascia tuning, movement rehabilitation- with the ultimate goal of empowering you with knowledge and strength to cultivate a life that supports and uplifts you even with the struggles of chronic illness.

  • Fascia tissue / Connective Tissue Disorders (hypermobility, generalized hypermobility spectrum disorder, EDS / Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, hyperlaxity)

  • Fascial adhesions / Soft Tissue Disorders (sprains, strains, tendonosis, enthesopathy, hypertonic pelvic floor, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction) 

  • Joint disorders (arthritis, joint laxity)

  • Fascia / Autoimmune disorders (irritable bowel, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus)

  • Diagnostic fascial sequencing approach using point-of-care ultrasonography and fascial glide and layer-specific palpatory verification of fascial adhesions

  • Visceral fascial adhesions - heart aorta esophagus trachea dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, irritable bowel 

What is Bespoke Savoir-Faire Medicine?

1. Bespoke Medicine is custom tailored treatment & appointments to meet your unique needs.

2. Bespoke Medicine is direct communication with your doctor for instantaneous on point customization of your care even when you're not in the office.

3. Savoir-Faire Medicine is hands-on intervention based on knowledge passed down through tradition and mentorship.

4. Savoir-Faire Medicine is persistent and continuous application of new knowledge gained through research, relationships, and the endless pursuit of knowledge.

The Roots


Tupelo Pointe is named after the Tupelo tree, known for its strength and resilience. As a young student, Dr. Wang often found herself stopping at Tupelo Point on the Wellesley College campus after her runs around Lake Waban to ponder the course of her life. In times of difficulties, she always remembers her roots first grounded at Wellesley College upon the foundation of all the great women who came before.

Tupelo Pointe is a space that grew from the seeds of need. As a young physician, Dr. Wang saw the disconnect between conventional medicine & optimal outcomes. This prompted Dr. Wang to explore alternative treatment options and keep an open perspective regarding what it means to be human and how a healer best aids her patients in their pursuit of wellness.

Tupelo Pointe is a celebration of our love for all things in life that help us connect to our soul and our spirit. Our goal is to care for those around us to allow them to whole-heartedly pursue their vehicle for human expression and connection.