In your initial conversation via phone call, you and Dr. Wang will have a chat about your goals and needs. We will review if we are a good fit for a therapeutic relationship. We will determine the type of visit that best fits your needs and the role of fascia based treatments, Prolotherapy, Fascial Manipulation, etc. Once you are ready, we will schedule a visit.

First Visit

At your first visit, we will review your goals and history in greater depth. This will be followed by fascial plane examination that includes functional movement and ultrasound / elastography. To aid in diagnosis and prognosticate response, treatment starts during the first visit. This will be followed by in-depth counseling and a comprehensive plan tailored to you that will help you achieve your goals.

Follow up

Post visit, you will receive your custom tailored plan via email. Dr. Wang will follow up with you via text, email, or phone call to monitor how you're responding to treatment. At this time, additional details and custom tailored changes will be suggested to your recommended plan including Prolotherapy, Fascial Manipulation, PRP, etc.

Follow up Visit

At these visit determined by your response and your goals, we will continue treatment and monitoring as discussed in the plan. These visits are determined by your unique individual needs.

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