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COVID 19 Rehab

Youtube Video:  


COVID 19 Pulmonary Rehabilitation handout:

AJPMR-D-20-00276R1 "PM&R and Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COVID-19" 




This analysis extrapolates information from prior studies and experiences to bring PM&R perspective and intervention to the multidisciplinary treatment of COVID-19. The purpose of pulmonary rehabilitation in COVID-19 patients is to improve symptoms of dyspnea, relieve anxiety, reduce complications, minimize disability, preserve function and improve quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation during the acute management of COVID-19 should be considered when possible and safe and may include nutrition, airway, posture, clearance technique, oxygen supplementation, breathing exercises, stretching, manual therapy, and physical activity. Given the possibility of long-term disability, outpatient post-hospitalization pulmonary rehabilitation may be considered in all patients hospitalized with COVID-19.