Tina J Wang, MD 

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  • Regenerative Medicine

  • Functional Medicine

  • Performing Arts Medicine

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Dr. Tina J Wang practices a unique blend of Functional Medicine & Regenerative Medicine at Tupelo Pointe. Her focus is not just treating musculoskeletal ailments but also meeting the functional, nutritional, unique needs of the person looking to optimize wellness. At Tupelo Pointe, she practices bespoke MSK medicine, customized to her patient's individualized needs. By recognizing that all her patients are unique, she is able to adeptly utilize healing techniques across many disciplines tailored to her patients' needs.

Dr. Wang is an associate clinical professor for the Loma Linda School of Medicine and teaches resident physicians in training and is core faculty for the musculoskeletal curriculum. Dr. Wang frequently guest lectures at local universities, schools, and programs including at Scripps Dance Department. Dr. Wang gained her regenerative medicine experience under the legendary Christopher Jobe, MD at Loma Linda University and The Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation.  She trained in Performing Arts Medicine under Jeff A Russell, PhD ATC (Ohio University), a leader in the Performing Arts Medicine world. 

Dr. Wang attended Tulane University School of Medicine under the Hawthorn Scholarship - the largest scholarship available. Dr. Wang matched into her number 1 residency rank in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Loma Linda University to train under Murray Brandstater, MBBS PhD, a legend in the field of PM&R. 

She is actively conducting research in the emerging field of Fascia. Wang is certified in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation and Kinesiotaping through multiple organizations including training with Davis Koh, DPT MBA (DPT for Pan-American Games, NCAA Tae Kwon Do, USA Volleyball, USA Weightlifting, USA Sailing, USA Bobsled & Skeleton, and USA Track and Field).

Dr. Wang is certified in the McGill Method under Stuart McGill, professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, pioneer in the field of spine biomechanics, leader in spinal stabilization and instrumental in the modern day conditioning programs of the NFL, USA weightlifting. She is also certified in the comprehensive movement assessment paradigm of the Functional Movement Screen and Select Functional Movement Assessment and trained with Greg Rose, DC.

Dr. Wang is the medical director for US Judo Federation/Association. She is also the conservatory physician for A.B. Miller High School Dance Conservatory. She works on a national level on the Dance/USA task force on Dancer Health. She is actively involved in research and advancement of the field of Performing Arts Medicine through her work on the Research Committee with the Performing Arts Medicine Association. Wang is a Wellesley College alumna and is actively involved in women's rights through the American Medical Women's Association and the Wellesley Women in Medicine group. Amongst these organizations, she works actively on multiple committees.

Dr. Wang started dancing at a young age with the Fine Arts Academy of Dance under Jana Faustino.  She later continued to study dance at Wellesley College and Boston Ballet School with Catherine Ulissey. She survived medical school in New Orleans by spending all her free time dancing under Sarah Duax, Jeanne Fernandez Bruno, and Margaret Jean Orr (Mary) Munro.

In her youth, Dr. Wang studied the violin and piano under Philip Lu, a renowned Taiwanese composer and musician. She is now a mother and parent teaching her son how to play the violin through the Suzuki method under the guidance of violin teacher and Alexander practitioner Wendy Waggener. Both Waggener and Dr. Wang have a special focus on injury prevention in musicians and character development starting at a young age.

The first inklings of Tupelo Pointe started when Dr. Wang first set foot on the Wellesley College campus. Lulu Chow Wang was a speaker welcoming her to campus. Mrs. Wang had named her renowned financial firm, Tupelo Capital Management, after the Tupelo tree, known for its strength and resilience. As a young student, Dr. Wang often found herself stopping at Tupelo Point after her runs around Lake Waban to ponder the course of her life. Dr. Wang won the prestigious Barbara Bush Award for volunteerism and was launched to a life long course of exploration, services, and creativity. In times of difficulties, she always remembers her roots first grounded at Wellesley upon the foundation of all the great women who came before.

Dr. Wang continues to train in dance at local studios and around the country. In the next phase of her journey, she will be creating a dance collective exploring human movement.




No one has ever examined me like Dr. Wang.

“I have had the same chest pain for many years. I saw so many doctors that I lost count. Dr. Wang looked at my injury with the ultrasound. She also took the time to examine the way I move and the way my muscles sit to really figure what was going on and causing my problem. ”

— P.A.

Dr. Wang gave us hope.

“I brought my husband in for his leg pain. I thought we'd never hike together again. She watched the way he moved and used the ultrasound to see the tear. She gave us hope that he'd run and hike again.”

— J.G..

Dr. Wang got rid of my shoulder pain.

“No one could figure out the cause of my shoulder pain. I went to the Orthopedic doctor who took X-rays and MRI's and said there was nothing wrong. Dr. Wang said it because of problems with my ligament. She did some injections and the pain went away.”

— J.A.