Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the plasma portion of blood consisting of platelets and related growth factors. Platelets store a vast array of growth factors which are released at the site of injury through cell signals received from the injured tissue to mediate healing.


We only use high quality materials. Tupelo Pointe uses proprietary EmCyte technology to ensure pure PRP product and higher cell counts. 

PRP is used therapeutically in minimally invasive non-surgical procedures involving injections at sites of injuries and pain.  The body’s natural reaction to an injury is to send platelets from the blood to the damaged tissues to initiate healing. PRP is injected directly into the injured tissue, stimulating the same healing response in a much more potent form. PRP treatment therefore uses your own concentrated platelets and growth factors to stimulate and enhance the body’s own healing response to treat acute injury, inflammation or chronic degenerative disease. PRP is prepared from your own blood.

PRP is also used for aesthetic procedures for fine lines, dulling skin, scars, and thinning hair. PRP is injected into target areas of the face or along areas of hair thinning. Unlike other types of cosmetic fillers or Botox, PRP is harvested from your own blood and enhances a your body's own healing response. 

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is an innovative approach to tissue regeneration that uses the patient’s own blood. After obtaining blood from the patient it is spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the myriad of growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins in the plasma that, once injected into the site of injury, produces a powerful and permanent healing response.

PRP is obtained from a patient’s own blood. A simple blood sample is taken and then transferred into a high power centrifuge and concentrating device. A PRP injection can be done in 45 minutes or less.

Why Emcyte?

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The Emcyte system delivers the optimal combination of blood based biologics.

At Tupelo Pointe we use Emcyte's technology to deliver the best available PRP product for our patients. Deliverable platelets are the actual volume of viable platelets contained in a PRP sample. Emcyte's PurePRP® II provide upwards of 9.5 billion platelets in a 7mL treatment sample (approximately 1.4 million platelets per microliter). High volumes of deliverable platelets enhances the volumetric activity of platelet growth factors and cytokines in active tissue repair. Platelet alpha granules contain various platelet growth factors that promote tissue repair through cell proliferation, chemotaxis, differentiation, and angiogenesis. Platelet cytokines provide the chemical stimulus needed to mediate cell signaling and migration. The amount of deliverable platelets are clinically significant if you are to attain active tissue repair. It is imperative that your deliverable platelet count be more than 1 million platelets per microliter.

PurePRP® II is unique in that it greatly enhances monocyte concentrations, while giving the end user control over the amount of neutrophils they would like to add to their PRP preparation. PurePRP® II takes advantage of the long term phagocytic and protective properties of the monocytes while avoiding the potential harmful inflammation incurred by large concentrations of neutrophils that go through cellular necrosis. This is another differentiating factor that help to explain the natural success of PurePRP® II in patient outcomes. 

Medical literature and scientific evidence regarding the use of PRP for musculoskeletal conditions:



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