Performing Arts Medicine is a unique specialised field attracting interest from a variety of medical specialists and health practitioners worldwide who wish to include assessment and management of performers in their work


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At Tupelo Pointe, we work with dancers to help correct mechanical technique issues that are the root cause of their dance related injury. Our Dance Medicine Specialists are all former dancers. 

Performing arts medicine specialists at Tupelo Pointe address performance related musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injury, performance psychology.

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At Tupelo Pointe, Dr. Wang treats musicians for play related injuries with deep emphasis on the biopsychomechical etiology. Dr. Wang uses novel interventions like IASTM, kinesiotaping, and regenerative treatments to help musicians with play related pain.


Performing artists suffer from special problems related to their occupation and lifestyle. Performing arts medicine uses an interdisciplinary approach to treating these patients. At Tupelo Pointe, we focus on the patterns of illness afflicting performing artists, specifically dancers, singers, actors, and instrumental musicians. Performing artists are subject to specific conditions- early exposure to high expectations of excellence, incessant demands for perfection, long periods of intense practicing, fierce competition, high levels of anxiety associated with performance, and uncertain careers. Performance related musculoskeletal conditions and disability are remarkably high, but artists often ignore symptoms. Performing artists suffer from specific musculoskeletal, neurologic, vocal, psychological, and other syndromes found among performers and face unique difficulties in treating them.

The prevention of injury, conservative management, collaboration with teachers, and a psychotherapeutic approach are used. 



“Dr. Wang is well versed in intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets.”

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