Performing Artists Among Us: Debra Forth @debradarlingface

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I ran into the amazing Debra Forth. She is super talented and the perfect artist to showcase as the first in our series Performing Artists Among Us, where we highlight the talented artists that live among us everyday folks.

Debra is a Jane-of-all trades in the performing arts: graphic artist, accessories artist, singer, and comedian. Her colorful popculture images reflect her vibrant personality and evoke excitement and jubilance.

 Sample of Debra's artwork from

I met Debra while she was singing on the Shiny Red 1955 Mack Fire Truck, her day job to pay her bills.

Debra sings for us through a tunnel.


Debra describes herself as "a rainbow-haired amazon from Detroit." She is the quintessential artist. She is brave and tenacious; she gave up her 14 years corporate retail career to pursue her dreams in Foggy San Francisco. She finds inspiration in all aspects of her life including pop culture, SF, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, her years in retail, as well as the odd-end jobs that pay her bills. 

Debra processes situations through her prism-lens self and the output is hilarious, colorful and inspiring. Check her out at the Mack Fire Truck Tour her website, or around SF art venues and comedy clubs by follow her on Instagram @debradarlingface for her next appearance. Or wave hello if you see her on the 55 Mack Fire Engine around SF! You'll be glowing for days from her bright humor and insightful jokes. 

Debra tells her funny unscripted joke.