Bespoke Medicine

Bespoke Medicine is medicine that recognizes your unique & individual needs, tailored and customized interventions utilizing the power of regenerative injections (PRP, prolotherapy, peri-neural injections, stem cells) & Functional Integrative Medicine (laboratory results guide herbal and lifestyle remedies) with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve optimal living.


Custom Tailored

Custom Tailored treatments & appointments to fit your unique needs because no 2 people are alike. This may include labs, dietary interventions, exercise routines, injections etc.

On point communication

Direct & instantaneous communication to Dr. Wang through text, email, or phone even when you are not in the office for on point customization of your care. 


Be part of a small and exclusive panel of patient and have a doctor who is dedicated to you and knows you as a person.

Team Based Approach

Dr. Wang will work closely with your team or refer you to our trusted team of providers.