Mojalet Dance Collective

Mojalet Dance Collective is an internationally acclaimed contemporary dance company started by three acclaimed San Diego Dancers, Faith Jensen-Ismay, Mary Neuru, and Linda Zambrano. All three founders work as dance educators in colleges. They founded the Dance Collective as a space to continue to grow their dancers and choreographers post-graduation. Mojalet is a platform for established and emerging performers and artists to share their work in a safe place. Mojalet offers opportunities to dancers and artists to develop their craft beyond the academic environment. 


Mission statement from the  Mojalet website . 

Mission statement from the Mojalet website

In 2008, Mojalet Dance Collective opened The Vine Theater, Mojalet’s Place for The Arts, a small black box theater located on the grounds at The Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo. This new endeavor allows the company to present a wide variety of performing arts work ranging from dance, music, poetry, storytelling, theater, and more. With the opening of the Theater in 2008, Mojalet also started their Summer Series at the Vine offering 8-10 consecutive weekends of live performances featuring over 50 different choreographers and hundreds of dancers, while developing new patrons for the arts.   



In 2003, Faith Jensen-Ismay ( assumed the position of  Artistic Director and has fostered collaboration with artists both domestically and internationally to develop new work. 

Mojalet is also dedicated to community outreach to make the performance work accessible. Through Arts for Learning San Diego, a Young Audiences of San Diego (YA) program, Mojalet bring dance and dance education into local schools to inspire our youth.

Amylin Canaria (@amaliaangelina)

Amylin is a core group dancer with the Mojalet Dance Collective. Amylin's love for dance first started at California State University at Long Beach.  She was mostly involved in theater and went with her roommate to a dance class where she immediately fell in love with dance. She continued to take as many dance classes as possible from that point on. When she moved back to San Diego and started at Mesa College, she met Faith. Faith fostered and nurtured Amylin's love of dance. Since then, she has never stopped dancing with Faith. The Vine Theater, Mojalet’s Place for The Arts, gives Amyin the ability to pursue and showcase her art while working her day job.

She speaks fondly of last year's summer series showcasing "Love and American dance" piece she choreographed. She states that she is so grateful to Faith and The Vine Theater, Mojalet’s Place for The Arts: "It is a safe place to try things and discover things, about your body and what you can do."

It is a safe place to try things and discover things, about your body and what you can do.
— Amylin Canaria



I had the pleasure of taking Andrew Holme's Advanced Contemporary Technique class along with the company dancers. Andrew's class is high paced and extremely exciting, a reflection of his energetic personality.

Andrew has been dancing with Mojalet since 2008 and also currently dances with Malashock Dance. He has danced in numerous venues in San Diego as well as Arizona, New York, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. He teaches Contemporary technique at The Vine and the Malashock School of Dance and has taught master classes in numerous San Diego high schools as well as Germany.

Andrew started his dance career when he was 16-years-old at Valley Center High School where he took his first dance class from Tami Pluth. At San Diego State University, Andrew had the opportunity to learn from and work with artists Patrica Sandback, Melissa Nunn, Leslie Seiters, and Joe Alter. In 2012 he graduated as the Outstanding Dance Artist from San Diego State University with aBFA in Dance.

Dance has been the ultimate physical and emotional outlet and I appreciate all of the opportunities that have been presented to me to learn and grow both as an artist and a person.
— Andrew Holmes


Andrew's most recent venture has been in the United Kingdom with Lisa Spackman of Two Thirds Sky in a site-specific work entitled "Eventide".

Andrew's choreographed work, "Run".