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Frequently Asked Questions

Why no insurance?

In order for us to provide you with the best care possible, we have elected to stay out of the insurance arena. By eliminating insurance, we directly provide you with the best care possible for the amount of money you are spending. Insurance does not adequately reimburse for time and relationship with patients. Insurance driven care and reimbursement leads to managed care dictated by protocol and systems based medicine. Tupelo Pointe is the anti-thesis of insurance based protocol medicine. We bring evidence based medicine custom tailored to your needs as a unique individual.


Dress comfortably. Dr. Wang will be conducting a physical examination, watching how you move, and using an ultrasound to examine your body. She will be performing osteopathic manipulations and working on your fascia. Dress so you can move.

Detailed History

Detailed History At Tupelo Pointe we are dedicated to treating you as a whole person. This includes questions that are private regarding your stress levels and relationships. Be prepared to answer detailed questions regarding your medication. Bring any x-ray or imaging. Please send prior records (if requested and appropriate for your visit) at least a week ahead) to give Dr. Wang adequate time to review your records.


Payment is required before services are rendered. Please fulfill your invoice prior to the day of consultation or treatment.​

Cancellations / Late Policy

Please cancel your appointment 24 hours ahead of time. Cancellations after the 24 hours window will be charged the full price of the visit. No-shows will be discharged from the practice and returned back to primary care physician for further follow up treatment and care. This policy is out of respect to both you and other patients. Taking responsibility of your care is a fundamental component of Health. Please arrive on time. You will be allotted the time that has been set aside for your schedule. If you are late, you will be seen and treated for the remainder of the allotted time.


Price is based on each person's unique needs and the complexity of the issues at hand. Please call for and schedule a conversation to discuss your needs to determine pricing.

What do you treat?

Tupelo Pointe specializes in treating all conditions involving the fascia. Aches, pains, arthritis all involve fascia as the main source of pain. Connective tissue disorders like EDS and hypermobile spectrum disorder are fascia based chronic conditions. Autoimmune conditions also affect the fascia. Chronic fatigue involves the immunological and nervous system which also reside in the fascia. Abdominal pain, digestive disorders, pelvic pain also involve the immunological system and fascia of the digestive tract.