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Fascia: The Human Web

How do fascial restrictions occur?

Fascia must glide for proper function. Gliding relies on hyaluronic acid. If hyaluronic acid becomes too dense, it alters the force transmission with a reduction in sheer strain. The work of Antonio Stecco showed that when hyaluronic acid is properly attached to collegen fibers, deep fascia glides smoothly. However, when there is abnormal deposition of hyaluronic acid between collegen layers, clumping occurs with resultant fascial restrictions. Abnormal deposition can occur for a variety of reason including overuse, injury, nutritional status, stroke, etc. 

How can you get more answers?

Dr. Wang can work with you to figure things out. Dr. Wang uses the Stecco Method of fascial manipulation as well as Fascial Hydrodissection(TM), a technique she developed, to release adhesions.