Mobility Class with Jace Allbright, DPT (ALLBRIGHT BIO)


CLASS ONLY $60 - Bring your own equipment or buy equipment on site.

EQUIPMENT INCLUDED $120 (Includes $80 worth of equipment shown in picture below)

Find out how to use these mobility tools to maximize your performance. There is lecture regarding the science and evidence with lots of hands on experience. Our small class size allows for one-on-one attention. Dr. Allbright is a professor and expert on fascia and Orthopedics. 

Gone are the days of "stretching it out." Dr. Jace can show you how to prime your muscles, ligaments, & tissues to maximize your potential.

Mobility work is not just important for Athletes. It is also important for everyday people. The common aches and pain and the dreaded arthritis all stem for issues with mobility.

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