• Fabric of the Performing Artist: the making, mind set, ethos, pathos, logos of the shakers and movers in the performing arts

    • Scheduled for release in August 2017
    • If you would like to be featured and interviewed, please email


  • Nutrition, Fasting, Performance Optimization for the Musician

    • Scheduled for release in December 2017


  • Wang T and Russell JA. A tenuous pas de deux: Examining university dancers’ access to and satisfaction with healthcare delivery. Presentation at: Performing Arts Medicine Association 35th Annual Symposium; 2017 Jun 29- Jul 2; Snowmass, CO.
  • Wang T and Costin CV. Comparison of Hoffa’s disease in two modern dancers. Lecutre presentation at: IADMS 27th Annual Symposium; 2017 Aug 12-15; Houston, TX.