Musculoskeletal Medicine

Bespoke MSK Medicine is medicine that recognizes your unique & individual needs, tailored and customized interventions utilizing the power of regenerative injections (PRP, prolotherapy, peri-neural injections, stem cells), Functional Integrative Medicine (labs, lifestyle interventions, dietary changes, remedies), Fascia Manipulation (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, hydrodissection, osteopathic techniques), Movement Rehabilitation (FMS, SFMA, McGill Method, DNS, Somatics) with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve optimal living.

Custom Tailored

Custom Tailored treatments & appointments to fit your unique needs because no 2 people are alike. This may include labs, dietary interventions, movement rehabilitation interventions, injections etc.

On point communication

Direct & instantaneous communication to Dr. Wang through text, email, or phone even when you are not in the office for on point customization of your care.



Be part of a small and exclusive panel of patient and have a doctor who is dedicated to you and knows you as a person.


Team Based Approach

Dr. Wang will work closely with your team or refer you to our trusted team of providers.

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