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USJF/USJA Grassroots Judo Annual Judo Tournament 

Every December

Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Wang serves as medical director for USJA/USFJ. Come check out Dr. Wang and the medical team every December.


Village Venture

October 27 9AM-5PM

Come meet Dr. Wang at Village Venture for Kinesiotaping and some healthy snacks.


Wang TJ & Costin V. "Hoffa's Disease in a Modern Dancer: Case Report and Literature Review." JDMS. 2018 22(3)

We present the case of a modern dancer at the university level with left knee pain as a result of Hoffa’s disease. A comprehensive literature review of Hoffa’s disease indi- cates that it may be an under-recognized condition. Predisposing factors in dance training include torsion and hyperexten- sion at the knee, particularly in conjunc- tion with pelvic instability and weakness. Clinicians should be cognizant of this differential diagnosis when evaluating dancers with knee pain. We present a de- tailed progressive rehabilitation protocol including transitional interventions for Hoffa’s disease in the dancer.


Inland Empire Magazine Top Doctors

September 2018

Check out Dr. Wang's profile and Kellie F's review in the Fall edition of Inland Empire. 


Ribbon Cutting with the Claremont Chamber of Commerce

Aug 29 5:30PM at Tupelo Pointe Healing Arts

Join Dr. Wang, the Claremont City Counsel, & Randy Lopez, Chairman of the Claremont Chamber of Commerce in the Ribbon Cutting for Tupelo Pointe Healing Arts.

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Hillcrest Stem Cell Talk

August 15 & 22 2-3PM

Dr. Wang will be speaking about stem cells. She will talk about the science and medicine behind them and the truths and myths behind all the promise.


Martial Arts Injuries

August 4 9-10AM

On Saturday August 4th the Defense Arts Center hosted a one hour workshop with Dr. Tina Wang.  

Dr. Wang has a medical practice in Claremont/Upland  which focuses on Regenerative Injections and using holistic and movement based approaches to restructuring the body.  Coming from a dance background, Dr. Wang is very familiar with the needs of athletes and emphasized the importance of engaging and using the core muscles of the body to support everything that we do.  During the workshop we progressed from simply breathing to engaging and maintaining core connection while moving in a variety of ways.  Throughout the class we were able to apply the core engagement concept while performing kicks, punches, etc.

This workshop was very informative, well received and gave us some great knowledge and ideas that can be applied directly into our training, and I know that everyone who participated benefited from it.  If anyone is interested in learning more about Dr. Wang’s practice and what she does please see below for her website and contact information.

Thank you for your support.

Sensei Ty Aponte

951 204-0341

AB Miller High School Dancer's Wellness Lecture

August 13 1:15-2:45

AB Miller High School. Fontana, CA

Dr. Wang will be giving a lecture and workshop on nutrition and health maintenance program for dancers.


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the Dance Podcast


Listen to Dr. Wang talk to Lauren about Dance Medicine and the health challenges facing performing artists. Learn about available resources and how to navigate the healthcare system. Learn tools to help you prevent injuries and recover faster.


Performing Arts Medicine Association Annual Symposium

July 1 4:15PM

Chapman University  Orange, CA

Dr. Wang & Dr. Allbright will be hosting a workshop on kinesiotaping in the musician.

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Goltz Judo Scrimmage Coverage

June 30, 2018 10AM-6PM

Alexander Hughes Community Center. Claremont, CA

Dr. Wang will be providing sideline coverage for the annual Goltz Judo Scrimmage.

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Somadoc Series

June 27 6:00-6:15PM

Soma Doc. Claremont, CA

Dr. Wang gave a talk to the community about prolotherapy, what it is, and how it is used.



Wang TJ, Russell JA. A Tenuous Pas de Deux: Examining University Dancers' Access to and Satisfaction with Healthcare Delivery. Med Probl Perform Art. 2018 Jun;33(2):111-117. PubMed PMID: 29868685.
BACKGROUND: Dance is a rigorous art form and athletic activity accompanied by a high injury rate. The purpose of this study was to gather injury and healthcare availability information from university dancers to better understand dancers' access to professional medical attention and their satisfaction with the medical advice they receive.
METHODS: An author-designed online questionnaire about dance-related injury (DRI), access to healthcare, and satisfaction with healthcare was distributed to dancers at 102 American post-secondary institutions in 2 states that offer programs in dance; 211 dancers completed the survey.
RESULTS: 75% of dancers reported seeking healthcare advice from dance teachers. A majority (55%) who visited healthcare professionals for a DRI disclosed negative experiences; the top reasons stemmed from the professionals' not understanding dancers (70%), providing unhelpful advice (43%), or not spending enough time in the healthcare consultation (33%). Of dancers who reported positive experiences, they most commonly discovered the provider by word-of-mouth (89%) or through the provider's affiliation with their institution (41%).
CONCLUSION: Dancers tend to access healthcare when it is available to them but find the lack of relevant and applicable advice from healthcare practitioners the biggest contributors to their negative experience with the healthcare system. When confronted with DRIs, dancers tend to seek advice from their dance instructors. To ensure proper evaluation, instructors should refer dancers to licensed healthcare providers, and dance medicine practitioners should make themselves known to dancers through both formal and informal networks.