Alexander Technique is a hands-on study of the principles of coordination and movement that teaches people how to release their pain and tension. Through AT, people are made aware of their unconscious habits and consequently find ease of movement, strength, flexibility, grace, and joy.

This bodywork technique teaches you about the design of your body and helps you become aware of unnecessary patterns of tension that can result in pain and fatigue. It helps you move with greater ease and efficiency, making everyday activities more comfortable.

During a session, you will move as you do normally and we will pay attention to inefficiencies and discomfort you may experience. Using light touch, we will explore your body's learned habits and discover new, more effective ways of moving. This can be done while walking, sitting, lying on the table, playing an instrument, demonstrating a dance move, practicing martial arts, or any other activity you would like to improve.

Lessons focus on self-care strategies so you can recognize what triggers your habits and how to change your habitual response. By focusing on how you are during any activity, you increase the sensitivity of your nervous system. When you learn to recognize and release tension, you experience greater comfort and mind-body coordination during your everyday activities.

Wendy is a Contemporary Alexander Practitioner. She observes task specific movements: playing an instrument, public speaking, computer work, Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi, dancing, weaving, pottery, painting, etc. She analyzes movement pattern with a benevolent eye to see what you are doing well and what is interfering with what you want to do.

She helps you notice your interference. It might be a subtle tightening, or holding your breath, or it might be an idea you have about how to do your task. She will use her hands to help guide you into a movement of ease. 

In terms of scientific/medical relationship, the Alexander technique is about altering the biotensegrity stem of the body. Biotensegrity is composed of Eurocentric synergism, myofascial continuity, and mechanotransductive homeostasis. By altering positions joints, body parts, and mindset, we can alter the way the body works as a whole.

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Alexander Work is the study of the quality of your life.
It teaches you how to make profound, conscious, life-altering choices –
beyond rules or expectations, beyond both habit and knowledge.

- Robyn Avalon



“Dr. Wang is well versed in intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets.”

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